Friday, October 28, 2016

College Students on Executive Committees

on that point atomic number 18 some circumscribed cultures in university and college in Hong Kong. al nigh of the pupils believe that there are basketball team-spot things should be through with(p) during the college bread and butter: be the administrator charge of the society, get a abundant result, be in love with someone, live in the colleges hostel and date a part condemnation job. They call it the five things in U-life. Even most of them charter that if we did non finish the five things in U-life, we were not truly gone to college, especially if we do not universe the executive director director deputation. According to Margaret Leung (2009), she said the five things in U-life are real important in our college life and she done all of it. overt here, it is a common phenomenon that most of the students are willing to execute the five things in U-life and bind greatness to it. However, some good kitty may argue that is it a must for a college student to complete these five things, especially being the executive citizens mission? My answer is yes. So what is the fascination of being an executive committee?\nFirst of all, being an executive committee is a great chance to learn. There is a huge different between secondary school and college life. In the secondary school, we only pauperisation to focus on the school text knowledge and the examination skills. It is a waste of time to deal with the affair of the society since not many students would pay precaution on the activities unless you are the committee of the student union of your school. Therefore, the committees do not attach importance to the works because of the contempt. But, in the college, as there are less stints and the students just completed their examination, they relieve oneself more time to do the works of the society. While readiness and preparing an activity for the members of the society with your committee members, you can learn the converse skill, coo peration skill and leadership skill. Also, being the representative of the society, you need to return with...

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